St. Mary's Beautification Project

St. Mary's Beautification Project

"I wish to create a church so beautiful that it would move even the hardest heart to prayer."
- Unknown Architect of Glastonbury Abbey

St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Gosport is currently undergoing a major beautification project to replace the worn and rather dated vinyl flooring and pink carpet with high-quality timber-effect tiles more befitting a sacred space.

St Mary's dates back to the late eighteenth century, and in 1834 became the resting place of Princess Maria Francisca of Portugal, the devoted wife of the rightful Spanish king, Carlos V, who had been driven into exile by the enemies of the Church and Crown in Spain.

It is a real shame that such an historic building should have a floor that has fallen into such a state of disrepair that it is not only unsightly, but actually dangerous.

The new floor, which is inspired by the majestic Church of St John Cantius in Chicago, will feature a number of elegant bespoke images, including a Miraculous Medal, fleurs-de-lis, and other traditional Marian symbols.

This is an exciting and long-overdue renovation project for our church, but it is also a tremendously expensive one, which is why we are asking you to help us make it a reality with your financial support.

"Give back some of God's gifts to God, that you may safely enjoy the rest."
- Blessed John Henry Newman

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