Newsletter: 21st April/22nd April 2018 - 4th Sunday of Easter
Sunday Readings: Year 2(B); Weekdays: Year II; Liturgy of the Hours: Week IV

Newsletter - 4th Sunday of Easter

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Commentary for the 4th Sunday of Easter

In the commentary for this Sunday's liturgy, Fr. George the image of the Good Shepherd used by Our Lord to describe Himself. Jesus is the Good Shepherd who lays down His life willingly for His sheep, that is, all men. This was the mission entrusted to Him by the Father, to redeem all men... 

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Bishop's Pastoral Letter: People of Life

This is the title of the latest pastoral letter from Bishop Philip Egan, Bishop of the Diocese of Portsmouth. In it he invites us to become a people of life and to defend the value of human life and dignity.

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Christians Praise the Paschal Victim

In this article, Fr. Serafino comments on the words of Ps 49:14 - "Pay your sacrifice of thanksgiving to God and render him your votive offerings". He explores the meaning of the word 'sacrifice' and how Christ has become for us a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the Father.

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Catechism on the Blessed Virgin

We continue our catechesis on the Blessed Virgin Mary learning more about Her origins. Our Lady is not an invented person of popular folklore, nor is she a mythical legend created by tradition, but rather she is a person who historically existed, that is, one who was born and who lived in our world like many other personages of history.

Read this article taken form the book, "Who is Mary?", written by Fr. Gabriele M. Pellettieri.

International Pro-Life Holy Hour

On Thursday April 12th, the Pro-Life Movement of St. Mary's Church launched a weekly live-streamed International Holy Hour to pray for the ending of abortion. The initiative was also featured in an article on In the words of Fr. Serafino M. Lanzetta, “Our pro-life Holy Hour is an initiative aiming at creating a chain of people around the world to pray together for the sake of human life so that it might be acknowledged by everyone as a mystery, naturally and supernaturally, to be honoured and respected”.

Join us at St. Mary's Church every Thursday from 7:00pm to 8:00pm to pray for the ending of abortion. You can also tune in live to Radio Immaculata and participate in the Holy Hour.

Save the Date - Rosary on the Coast of the British Isles

We all know that the Rosary on the Coast will take place on Sunday 29th April at 3.00 pm. There will be two meetings for the Rosary in our area, one at St Mary's Gosport and one at St Mary's Portchester; both of which churches are on the coast. Further details will be available in due course. Visit for more information, including details of the designated gathering points along the coast.


April 27, 2018

Our next NightFever evening is on Saturday 28th April, starting at 7.30pm (after the 6pm Mass) in St Mary’s Church. As Catholics, it is so important for us to share the amazing love and mercy of our God with those who do not know Him, and NightFever is such a wonderfully simple way of doing this. Everyone is warmly invited to come and just sit or kneel and be still in the presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. NightFever is such a special and precious time with so many blessings available to us if we just open our hearts to God and allow ourselves to experience His love. The evening ends at 10.30pm with Benediction. If you are able to assist at NightFever in any way, please contact Mike Slater on 02392 554537. Even just 30 minutes of your time could change lives forever!

March 4 Life UK 2018

May 04, 2018

The March 4 Life UK will be held in London this year on Saturday 5th May and it will start from the Parliament Square. Since, this is a First Saturday, Holy Mass will be celebrated in St. Mary's Church at 8:30am. Interested participants will then travel to London by minibus, arriving well before the march sets off from Parliament Square. If you are interested in coming, please, register for the event by clicking this link: March 4 Life UK 2018.

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